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Borges’ Library of Babel, we are told, included in its vast collection every book that had been written and every book that might be written. One imagines that in some other scummier sphere, there might exist a Video Library of Babel, including, naturally, its own adult section. I am here to tell you that it exists, that Thomas Kennedy has been there, and has returned with some sampling of its stock.

Roman Noir, "Fishing the River"

Frank Roman takes a walk by the river to clear his head and more memories come rushing in. A familiar face, river fish, a burning bush. Everybody remembers things their own way. Here’s the second installment of Jacob Mazer’s espionage series ROMAN NOIR.

"Imaginary Friends"

This is life. You wake up. You dress. You leave the house. You may speak to other people regarding one subject or another. You consider the future. You think about the past. You drag it behind you. You keep on, for whatever reason.This is how things are. You put one foot after the next. You keep going.