CalebGenius, "Magical Powers" by Blanca Varela

CalebGenius, "Magical Powers" by Blanca Varela

A poem by Blanca Varela, translated by Michael L Smith

Magical [1] Powers [2]

It doesn’t matter the time [3] or the day [4]
close your eyes [5]
stamp your foot [6] three
times [7] on the floor [8]
open your eyes [9]
and everything goes on [10] exactly the same [11].

  1. Governed by the laws of some other world.  ↩

  2. The ability to cause an effect.  ↩

  3. Though so much has passed.  ↩

  4. A birthday. An anniversary.  ↩

  5. As if waiting for a gift.  ↩

  6. A deliberate tantrum.  ↩

  7. Once for Troy. Once for Bobby. Once for Mike.  ↩

  8. How hated are tile and wood when they cover the earth that covers their bodies.  ↩

  9. Blinking at the brightness, until the room returns to focus. Then the breath as one braces for what’s to come.  ↩

  10. Though it seems impossible.  ↩

  11. The future will be the same as the past: indifferent and unwilling to change.  ↩

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