Mike Sager, "The Rise and Fall of a Super Freak"

"It was in high school that he settled on his life’s course. “I signed up for a talent show. I was center stage, alone. A spotlight on me and I started off with a bongo beat. Then I began to sing out this chant. I asked the crowd to sing along and they did. As they sang, I picked up my mallets and my tom drum and played this funky beat, adding rim shots… The crowd chanted louder and louder until the auditorium seemed to be moving. The rhythm seemed voodoo-like. I don’t remember how long I played before I started dipping off the stage while the audience continued the chant. The feeling of the crowd singing, the people dancing in the aisles, calling out for more . . . All of it cast a magic spell on me. From that day on, music was my life.”

Charles Bowden, "Murder City: Cuidad Juarez and the Global Economy's New Killing Fields"

Ethan Rilly, "The Nest"