Gabriel Campillo vs. Thomas Williams, Jr., 8/1/2014

After losing to Campillo, prospect Williams approaches commentator and former boxing trainer Teddy Atlas.

Williams: I’m sorry I let you down.

Atlas: You didn’t let me down. Listen, you got to worry about yourself, you got to worry about your family, you got to worry about who you are. And now is the time to find out who you are. You didn’t let me down, Thomas, not as a person. But as an athlete, tonight, what you did, what happened to you tonight— other great athletes, other great fighters, it’s happened to them before. And what they do now, what they start doing tomorrow, that’s what’s going to tell. Don’t let yourself down. Alright? Pull yourself back up. Because that is the testing of a man, that’s the testing of a champion. What you do after this. What you learn from this. What you do from this moment on. 

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