Moments of Ineptitude in True Crime History

“Leopold had already described his bird-watching trip of the Sunday before the murder. They had probably fallen out of his pocket. Nevertheless, he was brought in for questioning. He declared at first that his spectacles were at home. But when a long search failed to unearth them, he admitted that he had probably lost them on the bird-watching trip. How had he lost them?, asked the interrogators. Leopold said that he stumbled at one point, close to the culvert where Bobby Franks was later found. They asked him to demonstrate; Leopold obligingly put the glasses in his top pocket, and then fell down flat on the floor. The glasses remained where they were. He tried again; the glasses still stayed in the pocket.”

- From Colin Wilson's "Written in Blood: The Criminal Mind & Method"

William Faulkner, "That Evening Sun"

Harlan Ellison, "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream"