Elucidation of the Previous Excerpt

from “Hegel and Christian Theology: A Reading of the lectures on the Philosophy of Religion” by Peter C. Hodgson “The cleavage necessary to consciousness, to being-for-self, is drawn into very close connection, if not identity, with evil…If evil has its “seat” in separation, in consciousness, then it is at least logically if not existentially distinguishable from consciousness as such. It is when consciousness becomes consciousness of being-for-myself in opposition to the ultimate universal truth— it is when consciousness issues in a ‘singularizing’ of myself over against the universal and other living beings— that evil occurs. But such opposition and singularization always in fact accompany the progression to being-for-self. Herein lies the tragic element. The cost of freedom is the misuse of freedom. Estrangement and reconciliation have the same source: consciousness and cognition.”

Richard Wagner, "Parsifal"

G.W.F. Hegel, "Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion"