Daniel Woodrell, "Tomato Red"

"You see the insides of classier world like that and it sets your own to spinning off-balance, and a tireless gnawing discontent gets to snacking on your guts and spirit. This caliber of a place makes you want to discriminate against yourself, basically, as it reveals you as such a loser. A tiny mote of nothin' much just here to muss up the planet these worthies lived so grandly on and wished they could keep clean of you and yours.

I ain't shit! I ain't shit! shouts your brain, and this place proves the point.

Oh, hell yes, this mansion was a regular theme park of fancy fuckin' stuff I never had, never will, hadn't ever truly seen in person."

Paul Thek, "Meat"

Yoshihiro Tatsumi, "Sewer"